We Find Peace by Guarding our Heart and Mind by Dr. Grace Shangkuan Koo

We Find Peace by Guarding our Heart and Mind

Dr. Grace Shangkuan Koo, a lifelong learner, shared her personal experiences and insights last Jan. 21, 2015 through SSHS’ Parent - Teacher Seminar entitled: “Guarding Your Heart and Mind”, a talk that guides the audience to the well – being of every individual – both psychologically and spiritually.

In her talk, she stressed the importance of the heart by protecting it from unwanted hurts, shielding it against unpleasant images, distorted thoughts and harmful attitudes as we struggle living in this broken and chaotic world.

Though the heart is but a small organ in our body, it is the center of one’s inner life – as it can teach us a lot of things. Therefore, she challenged the audience to guard the heart by being careful with what goes in.

On the other hand, she added that since our life is governed by worldly values and standards, the soundness of the mind could easily be affected. Thus our heart, being the source of our emotions, can be troubled, wounded, pierced and broken in times of fears and doubt, guilt and shame, stress and burn-out.

Therefore, we must always carry with us a vision of hope and wholeness to experience the tranquility of our heart and harmony in our relationships. Peace will then be inevitable if we use our hearts to listen and our minds to think in accordance to the Word of God. Shalom!

Sun, 25-Jan-2015