Stephenian Culture Highlighted through Alumni on Stage

Stephenian Culture Highlighted through Alumni on Stage

Alumni on Stage is a presentation where the alumni and students present on that day experienced a highlighted Stephenian culture. This once in a year event was successfully held at The Auditorium last July 20, 2016.

Since its foundation in 1917, the school has been adhering to its vision and mission of being the lighthouse of the community that follows God’s own heart. This was evidently shown during the program that started with an Opening Prayer by our Asst. Principal, Mrs. Josie Tacus (batch '83), and the singing of the National Anthem by Ms. Kathleen Dy (batch'09) with piano accompaniment by Ms. Patricia Lim (batch '68) . This was followed by a warm opening remarks from our very own Dr. Judy Go Tan (batch ’72). In her speech, she encouraged students to take pride being a Stephenian as this means glorifying God, the real Head of the school. She also took this opportunity to thank countless alumni whose generosity supported the school in so many ways.

The program started brought back some of our alumni like Pastor Harold Uy and Mr. Jeremy Sim (both from batch ‘10) to our school stage through a mini interview conducted by Ms. Mei Ciara Claveria, batch 2006, who was also the emcee of the program. In the said interview, Pastor Uy and Mr. Sim provided insights as to how the school has molded them into what they are now; this has served as an avenue for them to show back the love for the school by inspiring students to aim high and glorify God in all possible ways. At the middle of the program, students responded with high energy when they were asked about the history of the school. Lastly, the group that consisted of alumni who are faculty members Ms. Anne Romo, Ms, Hannah Young (both from batch ‘11), Ms. Cherry Chan (Batch ’89), Ms. Lalaine Chua (Batch ’06) Ms. Kathleen Dy (Batch ’09) and Ms. Josie Reyes (Batch ’80) together sang the Theme Song of the year: Springs of Living Water and led the audience in singing Stephenian be the Light. The program formally ended with a Closing Prayer by Ms. Cymbeline Cua (batch '90).

The Alumni on Stage has convinced the present students that being a Stephenian is more than just being an alumni – it is a pride that allows people to distinguish the Stephenian culture from other schools’ culture. The most important is, it’s a way of showing others how we embrace our own culture and savor the taste of being a Stephenian.

Thu, 08-Sep-2016