Star Readers

To help spark the interest of the learners and inspire them to read intelligently and passionately, the school has employed the Scholastic Reading Program this academic year 2013-2014. With this program, the school library is provided with attractive and interesting books which are arranged in one corner of the library according to the Lexile reading level of the learners.

Each pupil is encouraged to read more books, and one way that helps encourage the learners to read more titles of the books in the library is to choose Star Readers from each grade level. A pupil shall be chosen and awarded as the Star Reader of the grade level if he/she has the most number of books read and electronic quizzes passed. Unless the student took the quiz for each book read and passed each, he/she will not be qualified to be the Star Reader of his/her grade level.

For the 1st semester, the following were awarded as Star Readers. Each was awarded with a certificate and a book courtesy of Scholastic.

  • Grade I - Josh Cedrick Ong (Gr I-Jasmine)
  • Grade II - Christian Naguio (Gr II-Mango)
  • Grade III - Rachel Gabrielle Castro (Gr III-Yakal)
  • Grade IV - Yin Ai Hong (Gr IV-Diamond)
  • Grade VI - Edric Castel Hao (Gr VI-Joy)
Mon, 02-Dec-2013