SSHS Musical Evangelistic Meeting filled with God’s Love

Last July 7, 2014 St. Stephens’s High School students were blessed to have a Musical Evangelistic Meeting entitled: “Let Me Sing You Heavenly Songs”, featuring two award – winning Taiwanese singers, namely: Mr. Shi Xiaorong and Miss Shirley Zhou Zi Han.

Mr. Shi Xiaorong, an award winner in the 3rd Golden Rhythm Award, and the Best Vocal Singer in the 6th Golden Ting Award (GTA), has been going around the world preaching the gospel through music.

On the other hand, Miss Shirley Zhou Zi Han, who won the Best Newcomer Award in the 3rd Golden Melody Award and the Best producer Award in the 7th Golden Melody Award for Best Producer”, uses music and her personal testimony to inspire young people to have a positive outlook in life and to always have a grateful heart

Throughout the evangelistic meeting, both singers led the whole student body in singing worship songs that truly filled the Auditorium with God’s love.

Mon, 07-Jul-2014