SSHS holds its first Back-to-School Night paired with the Parent – Teacher Seminar

SSHS holds its first Back-to-School Night paired with the Parent – Teacher Seminar

Parents’ involvement is vital to students’ academic achievement in school, because they have more influence on a child’s academic success than teachers do. No matter how excellent the school program is, parents still remain to be the primary educators of their children. The school believes that when parents team up with their children and their teacher and work together, a winning team for the academic success awaits.

Last July 29, 2016, SSHS’ Back-to-School Night, which consisted of two parts is one important activity for both working parents and teachers. Parents were given a chance to interact with fellow parents and children’s teachers at school after working hours and take a great part in their child’s school life. Teachers were given 15 minutes to showcase their respective subject area and the variety of learning activities they utilize in class for the students to learn in a more meaningful and fun way . Furthermore, the expected learning outcomes were also explained to the parents. This was followed by the HS Parent-Teacher Conference, where parents had a better perspective of their child’s school performance both in English and Chinese.

Prior to this, the HS Parent- Teacher Seminar entitled: “Social Media Parenting“ by our very own alumna, Mrs. Richelle Sy- Kho, a former associate producer and news broadcaster from GMA-7 and contributor of CNN World Report, was held at The Auditorium. During her talk, she discussed about the importance of social media in today’s world. Mrs. Sy said that exploring the social media is one common activity of children and adolescents today as a portal of communication and entertainment. Therefore, she encouraged parents to monitor for potential problems and be aware of the nature and proper use associated with social media and avoid exponential exposures to inappropriate contents.

Truly, SSHS has been continuously providing an avenue to meet with parents. Studies also show that if parents display an interest in school, a child learns that school is important. This could be the most important lesson of a child’s academic life, at the same time increasing the child’s self-esteem and willingness to work.

Mon, 15-Aug-2016