SSHS Elementary Sportsfest

One of the most awaited events in every schoolyear that the pupils look forward to excitedly is the Sportsfest.

This special day is set to spark the interest of the pupils in different fields of sports. This aims also to give the pupils time to relax, have fun and develop closer relationship with classmates, friends and even with the teachers.

November 16, 2013, Saturday, marked the most exciting activity in school, the Sportsfest which was highlighted by the exhibition performance of the SSHS DrumLiners followed by the Elementary Cheerdance Troupe, added with the parade of the athletes and the Grade III pupils' field demo.

Our beloved principal in her opening remarks...

The directress, Ms. Marianne Tan together with the English Academic Supervisor, Ms. Milagros Endo and her Assistant, Ms. Meriam Alimpolo tossing the first ball to open the Basketball game.

Sat, 16-Nov-2013