SSHS Earthquake and Tsunami Drills

St. Stephen’s High School conducted a 2 day Earthquake and Tsunami Drills on June 30 and July 2, 2014, participated by all students, employees, parents and visitors who are in school on the time of the drill. This is in compliance with the 1st Manila Citywide Multi Disaster Drill on July 2, 2014 as mandated by Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada to prepare the local residents to become fully aware that disasters are likely to happen anytime; thus preventive measures have to be taken.

Prior to this, the school administrators met for the planning and appointment of key persons to man the administration of the drill, as well as, the creation of the Emergency Response Team.

To help make the students understand the entire activity, the teachers explained to them the dangers and safety measures that everyone has to take when calamities like earthquake and tsunami come. They were also instructed on what to do and how to leave the classrooms and where to go for safety. Cooperation and support of the students were ultimately reached, thus contributing to the great success of both the earthquake and tsunami drills. After which, evaluations and feedbacks, both verbal and written, were conducted for the improvement of safety measures and standards done.

The culmination of this significant activity ensures that students will be more than ready to react rationally, whether confronted by emergencies at school or anywhere. Furthermore, parents are assured of each student’s safety inside the school.

In relation to this, Mr. Miguel Cano, Science Curricular Consultant, will conduct Emergency Preparedness Training to HS students on July 15 to be held at The Auditorium and Grades 3 to 6 students on July 17, to be held at Stephenian Hall.

Wed, 02-Jul-2014