Sharing the God-given Musical Talent to Stephenians

Sharing the God-given Musical Talent to Stephenians

Since the beginning of time, music has been bringing wonders to the lives of the listeners and,in a way, unlock the potential of their creativity.

Last September 1, 2016, SSHS has once again let music enriched the students’ ,lives during the Music Appreciation Hour that featured the well-known pianist J Isaac Chua, 郭家興who is a Filipino-born pianist of Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino and Spanish descent. He is the son of our former alumni and school physician, Dr. Jimmy Chua and Mrs. Marilyn Chan.

Isaac has performed extensively in USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, and the South-East Asian Countries; he has also been featured on radio and television broadcasts of USA, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

“The program intended to introduce music that is rarely heard, but stands the test of time” said Isaac. This fascinating program was more of an inspiration as it traced back to Bach from the Baroque era to Beethoven from the classical era to Schumann to Brahms both from the romantic era and Isaac himself from the 21st century. What made his program different from others was that he vividly explained to the audience the story behind each work. Like, one can truly experience the agony of loss when hearing a Beethoven, or even feel the emotional turmoil of Schumann. It is truly a sharing of God-given talent for Stephenians to appreciate music and at the same time to make them feel connected by empathizing with the composers.

Isaac serves as an inspiration for the Stephenians with the music that he played. He said he is happy and comfortable to be back at SSHS which he considers as his family. His message for the Stephenians: “If you allow yourself to be enriched by music, not only will you feel more fulfilled but you will learn invaluable lessons”.

Fri, 02-Sep-2016