Seniors’ Career Conference

Seniors’ Career Conference Last September 4-5, 2016, the Guidance and Counseling Center presented an inspirational talk entitled “Youth Today, You Someday” delivered by our alumna Ms. Sheryl Anne Fung, batch 2000. This aims to remind students of making wise use of their time while they are young so as to be productive citizens in the future in whatever field they may be. Afterwhich, career talks and an exhibit featured different colleges and universities for our Grade 12 students and parents to explore. Selected universities were invited for the career talk where representatives from the admissions office came to discuss about their course offerings, admission procedures, testing dates, scholarships and other information. To accommodate all the other schools, SSHS organized a college exhibit featuring 35 schools in Metro Manila. All these were done for the purpose of exposing our students to a wide variety of colleges and universities as well as college programs that they can choose from. It is deemed an excellent opportunity for our students to interact and ask questions, and for them to gain more knowledge about the colleges and universities they may consider.
Wed, 14-Sep-2016