Say NO to Bullying

Say NO to Bullying

With the threatening high rate of cases connected to bullying among the children and the teens all over the world, SSHS being a school that promotes harmonious and friendly society, finds ways and means to stop or lessen the incidents of bullying inside the school campus.

With the welfare of every learner in mind, the school sought for an effective program and resource speaker who could help make the children from Gr. 1 to 6 understand why bullying is strongly opposed in school.

A live educational ventriloquism and puppetry show for kids was held last September 23, 2016 by a Palanca Award-winning literary author Ony Carcamo. He is a top kids‘ and parents’ educator and entertainer, advertising creative director, and the Philippines’ premier ventriloquist who developed a unique 45-minute anti-bullying live show that focuses on positive behavioural education instead of promoting fear and punishments. Through a fun and entertaining live puppet show, the schoolwide awareness about the ill effects of bullying was shown so that the kids were able to understand how bullies affect the lives of their victims and how God disapproves it. Likewise the positive effects of having a culture of kindness and compassion among students, teachers, and parents are explained.

It is the desire and goal of St. Stephen’s High School that the campus shall be bully-free; that students shall consciously consider peace giving and be considerate to the feelings of others and above all, that the pupils will desire to show kindness to everyone for the highest glory of God, the head and the superior authority in school.

Mon, 28-Nov-2016