Read Today and Lead Tomorrow

St. Stephen’s High School envisions itself to be a school after God’s own heart and a lighthouse in the community, in the country and in the whole world. For this vision to be realized, different academic and non-academic programs have been employed and implemented after a thorough study. This academic year 2013-2014, the school is making the students engaged in a fun and interesting Reading activity through the Reading Program from Scholastic, the Assessment and Enrichment Program (AEP).

AEP or Assessment and Enrichment Program is a supplementary literacy program that motivates children to read, builds their confidence and empowers them to be learners for life. The program aims to make the students/learners LEARN to read and LOVE to read. Having seen the adversity in today’s literacy among the learners, the school committed itself to create a healthy environment inspiring and encouraging learners to read and learn, helping them to prepare for their individual journey in the vast and complicated battled field called life and the Scholastic AEP is one of the avenue that would lead them to where each learner dreams to go – become successful individuals someday and be good leaders in the community. The program which started with the intensive trainings to the Reading teachers or the program implementers commenced last May, 2013. The training was conducted in five (5) days.

Then, in June 17 – 21, 2013, the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) (diagnostic/pretest) was administered with all the Grade 1 – 6 pupils. This will assess the pupils’/learners’ reading levels using the Lexile Framework for reading. The SRI is a computer-adaptive reading assessment test that uses varied leveled authentic texts. These texts allow the learners make inferences, draw conclusions, demonstrative use of vocabulary knowledge and other higher thinking skills.

Based on the result of the SRI, reading materials/texts shall be matched and be placed in the common scale with the reader/s according to his reading ability. To further enhance the reading ability of the learners, a Scholastic Reading Center shall be set up in the school library where the students can come and read books according to their lexile level. After reading a text/book, the student/pupil has to answer the questions based on the text/s they read in the computer.

Sometime in February, the progress of the pupils’ reading ability shall be assessed with the Scholastic Reading Inventory Posttest. This will reveal the development of the learners’ reading ability.

Thu, 29-Aug-2013