PS - HS Open House

SSHS Rolled Out the Big Welcome Mat for Open House

For 98 full years of glory, SSHS continues to shine for the Lord and be the lighthouse of the community. In this light, the school opens the doors and spread her arms to show the public her best quality by rolling out the big welcome mat, as she hosted an Open House for the Elementary and High School last January 10, 2016.

Dr. Judy Go Tan, the School Principal formally opened the Opening Ceremony with a heart-warming Welcome Remarks, making guests feel at home and well - supported. Parents indeed have a plethora of choices when it comes to child’s education and SSHS believes that the school can be one of the best choices for the best education possible. A video presentation was shown to assure parents that SSHS is the perfect school where students are given the right opportunities to achieve academic success. A blast of entertaining numbers wrapped up the Opening Ceremony.

To further convey the shared values and build a family-friendly atmosphere, the school prepared an array of activities, intended to advertise the school’s expertise, and were offered for parents to choose from. There’s the dynamic interactive teaching demonstration of the English and the Chinese curriculum which is divided into Science, Reading, Mathematics and Computer. Programs like the Arts, Music and Sports were also exhibited. Furthermore, for guests to have a taste of Chinese delicacies, some practical activities were also demonstrated like: the cooking of red beans with sesame rice balls and the steam dumplings.

One of the objectives of the Open House is to provide an avenue to demonstrate the inside scoop of the school. During this day, a variety of strategies were utilized to establish a bridge connecting the faculty and staff with families; Parents on the other hand, should feel that they are important and therefore be welcomed and be willing to work with the school personnel to educate their children.

Let's learn what many already know and get past the traditional "show and tell" attitudes; it’s high time to show that making learning fun and happen inside the classrooms tend to create splendid experiences that will actually "wow" the public. Then, every aspect and level of this Business of education will be dramatically improved..

Even with the advanced technology, school should still be the heart of the community, the way schools were in the old days. We at SSHS, are working hard to achieve that, in our own Stephenian ways.

Sun, 10-Jan-2016