The Preschool Welcomes Everyone to its Open House

The Preschool Welcomes Everyone to its Open House

Preschool is the beginning of a very exciting journey that is filled with opportunity and growth for children and parents alike. When a school open its door for an Open House, it is a chance for both parents and the public to see and explore the classroom and facilities and to meet the teachers and supporting staff who are part of their child’s school experiences.

SSHS believes this to be one way of strengthening the links between parents and schools as they will have a better understanding of the teaching environment and teaching quality; thus the Preschool Department Open House was held last October 6, 2016.

Presently, the Preschool Department has four levels of classes namely: Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Preparatory and Kinder. In 2001, the Day Care Center was established to allow parents who want their children to continue their education beyond the regular time. In addition, the school also provides various out-of-school activities annually to enable students to learn beyond the four corners of the classrooms.

On the day of the Open House, an array of activities were presented in every well-decorated classroom. There were English and Mathematics, songs and dance, and many others, depending on the class’ levels. In some classrooms, parents can even experience the one-of-a-kind parent-child learning activity. Some classes even performed a special program on the stage, with the highlight of requesting parents to perform with their children. This truly made it a fun and memorable experience.

This Open House may seem special but it’s actually an ordinary classroom day made open to public where teachers and pupils can be observed in each classroom. This also enables the audience to understand the curriculum and operation of the kindergarten on regular days. At the end of the event, the parents and the audience who visited and supported the day’s activities expressed their high approvals and left the premise with much delight.

Thu, 13-Oct-2016