PDEA Seminar

St. Stephen’s High School, in adherence to its vision of being the lighthouse of the community, presented a symposium on Anti – Dangerous Drugs Information on June 23, 2014.

This worthwhile activity was sponsored by the Lion’s Club International District 301- A1, headed by Mr. John Sy, Governor, Ms. Marissa Sy, 1st Vice Governor, Mr. Anson Ong, 2nd Vice Governor, and the President of the Manila Century Lions Club, Mr. Joseph Chua. The invited resource speaker for the day was Mr. Ariel Santos, an agent from the Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

With the prevalence of drug- related problems in our society nowadays, the school finds it the best time to provide this undertaking to all High School students.

During the symposium, students were made fully aware of different kinds of illegal drugs, their substances, effects, abuses, treatments and many other related topic; thus, making “Prevention through Education” attainable.

In an effort to increase students’ understanding of the complex factors related to usage of drugs, Mr. Santos made his presentation lively, as he involved students to actively participate in the discussion.

Through this learning session, students were informed about the hazardous effects of illegal drugs to their health, and were advised not to be curious to try at all…any of its kind! Thus, making this symposium a success.

Mon, 23-Jun-2014