Parent - Teacher Conference

Let's Talk It Over

Parents and the school work as partners in molding and building the lives of the children entrusted to their care. As partners, communication plays an important role in strengthening the partnership; thus the school with the hardworking heads/supervisors set a regular schedule of meeting for the teachers and parents to sit down and talk. This is done during the Parent – Teacher Conference. It is scheduled in the middle of the quarter so that the performance of the children in the classroom is discussed by the teachers with the parents/guardians. If the child is poorly achieving, the factors affecting the child’s performance are identified then proper remediation will be planned and shall be taken before the quarter is over. This aims to help the child make up for the failing marks before grades are reflected in the report card.

It is during this time that parents may decide to spend more quality time with their children or seek for help from other sources to aid the children in coping for the improvement of their grades. For the teachers, this is also a time of realization and discovery; realization and understanding why the child is having difficulty coping and why the child is behaving in a way that is deterrent to his performance in class. It is with this conference that the teachers discover more about the pupils they handle, and how these pupils can be assisted to cope or enhance their learning potentials and eventually perform excellently.

This academic year 2015-2016, the first conference was held last July 23, 2015, Thursday. On this day, many parents have been observed to be so supportive of their children that a big number of them came to confer with the teachers.

Thu, 30-Jul-2015