Parent Orientation

Come One, Be One!

At St. Stephen’s High School, everyone is a member of a big family of God.

As the new school year comes, new members are accepted. To make everyone feel welcomed and part of God’s family, an orientation is being held for the parents as well the learners.

This academic year the Parent Orientation was held for the parents of the new pupils last June 10, 2015 followed by the orientation for the parents of the old students on June 11, 2015. The orientation aimed to introduce the school, its programs, facilities, policies and personnel to the new members of the Stephenian family.

During the orientation, principal Dr. Judy Go Tan inspired the parents to be certain of the school’s mission and vision in her opening remarks, while the different department heads discussed with the parents their respective programs and activities as well as their department rules and guidelines/policies. It was also on this occasion that parents were encouraged to work with the school as partners in raising children of good values and quality education.

To bridge the gaps that may have been hindering the growth of a healthy relationship between parents and the school, parents were allowed to raise their questions and concerns so that whatever doubts they have may be addressed right away.

Thu, 11-Jun-2015