Ong 2 Ong Musical Duo

Ong2Ong Musical Duo: A Glimpse of the Two Great Musicians’ Performance

When two world renowned musicians jointly performed a 25 - minute musical presentation, it’s not merely a showcase of talent but also a blessing to students.

SSHS students were once again blessed to witness a rather rare but spectacular event: “Ong2Ong Musical Duo” at The Auditorium on June 28, 2016. The event featured Mr. Jordan Shangkuan Ong and Mr. Conrado Ong III.

Mr. Jordan Shangkuan Ong, a pianist, is the son of the late Dewitt Ong of Class ’63. He has been garnering musical awards since the tender age of 5, and the youngest to be named Young Artist of Arizona. Recently, he was the recipient of the Houston Young Artist Award and named as the Best and Brightest Young Musician, where he was featured in NBC and ABC for such fame.

On the other hand, Mr. Conrado “Dondi” Ong III, tenor, is an SSHS alumnus from Class ’84. He was a 3-time Aliw Awardee for Male Classical Performer for the Year 2009, 2011 and 2014. He is the only Filipino who performed in the international touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's “Phantom of the Opera”, which was staged not only in the Philippines but also around Asia.

Mr. Jordan Ong, started off the program with his rendition of the Scherzo Op. 31 in B flat minor by Frederic Chopin and followed by the 1st movement from the Yellow River Concerto by Xian Xi Hai. Every stroke of his hands seems to bring magic to the piano keys, transforming the whole auditorium into a concert hall.

The program continues with Mr. Conrado Ong III singing a very powerful interpretation of the Chinese song, 我們擁有一個名字叫中國 that reminds us to be proud of our ancestral root, and the second song, “Forevermore”, recently being popularized again in the television series which was once a popular song sang by the Side A Band during the ‘80s.

Although the event was short and brief, these musical numbers were performed especially for the SSHS students to appreciate music and simultaneously to inculcate and upgrade their aesthetic value for arts.

Tue, 28-Jun-2016