One For Christ

One for Christ

St. Stephen’s High School is a school that delights in the growth of its people in all areas especially in the spiritual and social aspects. The healthier the spiritual life and social relationship of the Stephenian family members, the faster and the greater is the progress in the Lord’s ministry here.

To realize the objective of the school to provide quality education to the learners based on Christian principles, the school saw the need of enriching first the spiritual and social life of the employees especially the teachers who have more contacts with the learners and stronger impact in their lives. With this goal, St. Stephen’s High School and its Board of Trustees together with the administration organized a team building activity for Stephenian employees last June 3 & 4 at Center for Community Transformation (CCT) in Tagaytay.

Desiring to make everyone in the St. Stephen’s community united in pursuing God’s ministry, the team building was focused on “One for Christ” as the theme. All the activities for the two-day retreat/team building were geared towards the development and promotion of unity in the workplace because in unity we can achieve more and make St. Stephen’s shine in the community and radiate God’s highest glory.

Miss Pat Capwell who has established more than 350 pre-school/kindergartens in the country as well as in China, Hongkong, Vietnam, Saudi, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and has started a training center and program that trained several thousand teachers and potential teachers in the area of Early Childhood Education together with her team headed all the group activities. Teacher Pat, a highly sought speaker also gave the inspirational talk encouraging the teachers to teach the children with heart not just to teach their subjects. She further inspired the teachers, staff of both academic and non-academic to serve God and bring glory to His name through the ministry at SSHS where they were called.

The very inspiring and enlightening talk shared by Miss Pat Capwell and Mr. Bertram Lim, member of the school Board of Trustees and the __ of CCT has awakened and rekindled the commitment of every Stephenian teacher, staff and personnel to the work passionately and diligently all for the glory of God and to work as one for Christ.

Wed, 10-Jun-2015