MIchael Card Evangelistic Meeting

Michael Card Live at The Auditorium, St. Stephen’s High School.

M ichael Card , an American – Christian, held an Evangelical Meeting at The Auditorium, last September 29, 2014 to spread the gospel;

I nspiring and full of promises; The songs he sang on that day, provided good counsel.

C ontemporary Christian Music. He shared to us his best contributions as a songwriter;

H ear them all, the student participants were uplifted.

A mazing grace! His “ Immanuel” song assures that “God is always with us”;

E l Shaddai, his famous song, tells us that praising God is a must.

L isten to how he preaches the gospel and you will be touched….

C ard who enjoys singing and praising the Lord - that is all he likes us to be.

A wesome songs like “Underneath the Door” and others, we can whole– heartedly dedicate to Thee.

R evelation or Book of Acts, name any and he sure can clearly share to you one by one;

D ear Christians, he strongly urges — always read the Bible, read the words to us by this “Special” someone…

Tue, 07-Oct-2014