Learning Chinese the Fun Way

Learning Chinese the Fun Way

One way of learning any foreign languages is through fun and entertainment. With this in mind, the High School Chinese Department came up with a presentation entitled: “Learning Chinese the Fun Way” last December 9, 2015 that exposed the Stephenians to different Chinese cultures through 18 different programs showcased at The Auditorium.

Dr. Judy Go Tan, the School Principal, officially opened the program with her speech giving emphasis on the importance of learning Chinese.

Programs were divided into several categories like: Educational, Entertaining and Musical. This generally includes the usual Xiang Sheng or the comic dialogue, tongue twisters, some popular Chinese songs, modern and classical poetry, rehearsed and improvised skits through storytelling, among others.

One of the distinct programs in this show was the Abacus Arithmetic Algorithm, which displayed the use of the abacus, the very 1st calculator during the ancient times, and the use of simple Chinese words while operating the calculating device; this is still widely used by many merchants nowadays.

Learning Chinese the Fun Way is one important event for students to integrate what they have learned in their Chinese classrooms and share their knowledge with the school communities.

While organizing this kind of event is not easy work and can be challenging, it is a rewarding experience for students, teachers, as well as the community. This also provides a venue for students to incorporate their other passions into their Chinese classes.

Wed, 09-Dec-2015