Hon. Wang Chien Shen Special Seminar

Challenges on Excellence and Success

Last Jan. 12, 2015, St. Stephen’s High School invited the former President Wang Chien Shien 王建煊 of Taiwan Control Yuan or CY (an investigatory agency that monitors the other branches of Taiwan Government) for a series of talk to the SSHS community.

The morning session had 2 interesting topics: “Where Can We Find an Excellent Teacher? and “Do You Want to have a Successful Child?”, Attendees were educators, parents, and even principals from other schools. Mr. Wang emphasized that to be excellent, one does not need to be rich but to simply have a practical vision on becoming the benchmark in all walks of life. He also stressed that the key to have a successful child is not determined by how high or low scores he gets in school or the amount of the salary he is being paid for. but rather to harvest that “Heart of Love” and perseverance.

During the afternoon session, Mr. Wang challenged the student participants through a story entitled: “Are You Worth Cultivating as a Student?” He also encouraged them to become good students by learning and growing from experiences gained in the school, while possessing positive values is one way for them to be successful. For Mr. Wang, education is a God – given key to unlock the chains of poverty.

President Wang, a Christian himself, said: “It is the responsibility of all Christians to preach the gospel and through God’s love, people will not perish but have eternal life.”

Truly, the SSHS community was blessed to have this wonderful experience with President Wang.

Thu, 15-Jan-2015