Finding the Meaning of Happiness through Service

Every year, the SSHS Committee on Students’ Activities actively leads hundreds of students in various activities that develop the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each student. One of the many activities is the CSA Outreach Program for our own school maintenance staff, drivers and the security guards. The main significance of this program is to show our gratitude to people who have been serving the school with happiness the whole year round, and a high time for CSA officers to give back services to them.

This year’s outreach program: “Taos - Pusong Pasasalamat” held on January 28, 2014 started with the Opening Remarks by Mrs. Josie Tacus, Assistant to the Principal. She expressed gratitude and praised the whole maintenance staff, drivers and guards for their hard work, and assured them they are well appreciated. She also stressed that in times of problems and troubles we should cling to God and ask for His help and guidance.

The CSA officers then prepared some games to strengthen the bonding and camaraderie among the maintenance staff, and to relieve them from the work’s stress. Everybody enjoyed and relaxed from the games provided.

The highlight of the program was the Distribution of Goods. CSA officers prepared a pail of goods for the maintenance staff, drivers and security guards, which put a smile not only on the faces of benefactors but also those of beneficiaries.

Some SSHS administrators also supported this significant event, which made their lives more meaningful. And simply by sharing, we learn to appreciate those people who have shared their lives with us, thus making a difference in their world.

Tue, 28-Jan-2014