"Felissimo" Brings Happiness to SSHS Family

When people and good music come together, happiness happens…. and that’s Felissimo. Last August 9, 2014, The Auditorium at St. Stephen’s High School witnessed another spectacular night of music when St. Stephen’s High School in cooperation with SSHS Alumni Association proudly presented “Felissimo”. This annual fund raising project has been on its unprecedented fourth year. All proceeds of the concert go to the financially - challenged but deserving students of the school.

Featured artists of the night were: Mr. Jose Mari Chan, a renowned balladeer and songwriter; Mr. George Yang, a business empire icon, SSHS’ alumnus, Mr. Conrado Ong (two times) Aliw awardee, popularly known as “Dondi” also an alumnus; and a special guest, 21 years old American-Chinese pianist, Mr. J Isaac Chua, whose parents are both alumni. The group “Il Tenore” also sang with the artists during the finale number. All the music presented by these artists captured the hearts and soul of the audience.

“Felissimo” simply made many music lovers feel an uncontrollable sense of happiness, thrill and excitement that night, as they saw a live performance of their favorite artists.

SSHS is indeed blessed to have its share of the artists’ God- given talents, all for the glory of God!

Sat, 09-Aug-2014