Equipping Chinese Teachers with Computer Skills

Equipping Chinese Teachers with Computer Skills

If students of the 21st century need a technology-based education to survive in a technologically driven world, so should teachers be. We face a world where technology become more important in most schools and computer skills of teachers are often the greatest asset in workplaces.

For the past two decades, the Association of the Chinese - Filipino School in the Philippines, together with St. Stephen’s High School have witnessed a dynamic shift in the way the computers have been used as a tool in the teaching-learning process. And have since therefore conducted various computer-related seminars.

For six consecutive Saturdays starting August 20, 2016 until September 24, 2016, two computer classes: the Basic and Advanced are offered to Chinese teachers. The Basic is handled by Mrs. Ellen Chong (蔡艷霞老師) where teachers will be equipped with basic computer skills like the basics of using the Internet, e-mail, and how to find information using search engines. In addition, they learned how to effectively integrate the following office applications like the word, power point, excel, calendar and the like into the lesson planning and teaching processes. With the use of the Google Drive, teachers will be able to access all information through Ipad and Android wherever they are without the need of any office applications.

On the other hand, the advanced class handled by 黃思華校長 (Mr. Steve Wong), Principal from Philippine Chen Kuang High School will be imparting more complex computer skills with the use the Photocap image processing software. Teachers will learn how to create photo albums, business card and greeting cards, and edit pictures. They also learn how to upload, save and share pictures.

The Opening Ceremony was held on August 20, 2016. Our principal, Dr. Judy Go Tan, Mrs. Huang Feng Jiao, Assistant Director of Filipino - Chinese Cultural and Educational Services, Inc. and Mrs. Ester Lim, Assistant Principal of Philippine Cultural College were present on that day. They all gave inspirational messages and showed their moral support to nearly a hundred of eager to learn participating teachers from 6 Chinese - Filipino schools.

The efforts to change the way teachers teach and use technology have increased dramatically. The challenge for educators is not to keep up with students’ latest technological know-how, but to enhance instruction and create meaningful experiences in learning Chinese by increasing students’ engagement in school activities.

Thu, 08-Sep-2016