English Speaking Competition

"Speak and be Heard"

With the above advocacy, different programs and school activities are created and launched. Among the many is the conduct of English Speaking Competition wherein students are given opportunities to practice and develop their speaking skills, their eloquence, their voice modulation and their self-confidence when speaking in front of an audience as well the skill of relating well with others as they work as a team/group.

Last September 23, 2015, the St. Stephen’s High School, Elementary Department held an English Speaking competition. The contest aimed to make the students develop their skills in choral recitation, and reader’s theater. All pupils in each class were given a chance to participate so that everyone was provided the opportunity to hone his speaking skill and overcome his fear of speaking in an audience.

The activity was a success under the leadership of Miss Norma Claveria, Elem. English coordinator and Mrs. Celedonia Vito, 5th grade English teacher. Winners took pride of their performance and were awarded with individual certificates. Their victory was credited to their group efforts, their teachers who coached and choreographed their performance, and God who gifted them with talents and capabilities.

Parents and guardians were in the Stephenian Hall to rejoice with their kids in their victory and gave moral support as well as encouragement to those who didn’t make it to the top.

The following classes were pronounced winners:

Grade 1 & 2 Groups – Choral Recitation “Nursery Rhymes Medley”

1st - Grade 1 Dahlia

2nd - Grade 2 Mango

3rd - Grade 1 Lily

Grade 3 & 4 Groups – Choral Recitation of the poem “Mr. Nobody”

1st - Grade 3 Narra

2nd - Grade 4 Jade

3rd - Grade 3 Acacia & Grade 4 Ruby

Grade 5 & 6 Groups – Readers’ Theater “The Good Samaritan”

1st - Grade 6 Peace

2nd - Grade 5 Jupiter

3rd - Grade 5 Saturn

Wed, 23-Sep-2015