Emergency/ Fire Drills held at SSHS

Last November 19 and 29, 2013 the SSHS Office of Student Affairs (OSA) spearheaded the annual School Earthquake/ Fire drills. This activity is one integral part of the school that was highly participated by students and assisted by staff and teachers. The main purpose of the drills is to instill emergency preparedness and alertness to the students.

Prior to the Drills
Few days prior to the drills, Mrs. Lilan Chua, head of OSA, distributed the guidelines and emergency routes to all High School teachers and oriented them separately. Teachers then discussed the guidelines and the escape route plans to their respective classes. Emergency Routes were also posted on each classroom to remind students of their proper exits.

During the Drills
During the earthquake/fire drills, as soon as the earthquake alarm bell rang, students were led by their respective teachers and acted as if it were an actual emergency. Students ducked down and took cover. When the fire drill alarm rang, students immediately lined up in pairs at the classroom door, and made sure lights and fans were shut off before leaving.

Teachers then calmly led their students to the designated evacuation areas, where they gathered them together and made sure every student is accounted for. School staff with designated responsibilities also carried out their tasks to ensure the safety of all concerned.

After the Drill
Mrs. Lilan Chua gathered all students at the quadrangle and reviewed the whole Earthquake and Fire Drills with students. She reminded the students to do it better next time, since the evacuation from the buildings is not achieved in a speedily and orderly manner. With the culmination of the activity, the school ensures that students are more than ready to react rationally, whether confronted with a fire or other emergency at school or elsewhere.

Tue, 19-Nov-2013