Elem. Stargazing 2015

SSHS Elem Stargazing!

The most awaited and looked forward to event in the life of the sixth graders has successfully created the fondest memory in the minds and hearts of the Grade 6 pupils.

This year, the sky viewing activity, which was held last January 15, 2016 was indeed a success. The participation of the principal of Jin Nan Institute of the Philippines, their top students in grade 6, and two grade 6 teachers made this day a remarkable one.

Other than the sky watching activity, the performance of the Gr. 6 PMC student class bands, as well as the lecture from the school’s Science curricular head, left an imprint of a wonderful memory in the heart and mind of each student.

With the help of the guest astronomer, Dr. James Ty and Mr. Miguel Cano, the participants were able to see the moon, the different star formations, the planet Jupiter and more wonderful things the Lord God has placed in the heavens.

The excitement and energy of every participant kept them awake till morning when it was going home time already.

The Jin Nan students said they wish there is stargazing every Friday as they all enjoyed the sky watching and the other activities.

Praises to God, the creator of all wonderful things!

Fri, 15-Jan-2016