Elem. Fitness Day

Fitness Day

The annual celebration of sports and physical fitness happened last December 5, 2015, Saturday.

Days before, all pupils with their teachers busied themselves preparing for this festive and grand day of physical fitness. Everyone was so occupied on the choice of music that will be used. The relevance of the song/music to the statement of faith of the school and the beat which encourages good dancing steps are some important considerations.

Since the school always believes that in everything, God should be glorified. During this kind of fun days, teachers and students choose to bring honour to God’s name so that the choice of songs and dance steps were directed to the Lord.

Fitness day was held to showcase camaraderie, teamwork and sportsmanship among the young Stephenians. It is a day wherein students’ talents, calisthenics intelligence and character are built and honed.

The entrance of colours by the Stephenian Scouts opened the events followed by the parade of the Elementary pupils headed by the class representatives. Dr. Judy Go Tan, a sports fanatic herself, opened the day’s special event with a very warm welcome and words of encouragement.

The school’s Elementary Cheer Dancers, followed by the Zumba participated by pupils, teachers, administrators and parents alike led by Mrs. Rose Rivera, awakened the sleeping nerves of everyone.

All pupils of the six grade levels presented their dances and field demo with so much energy and vigour. The Grade 1, Tiny Bloomers danced to the tune of “Every Move I Make”, while the Tooty Fruities, Grade 2, with reverence and awe to the King of kings, honoured Him with dance moves to the music “A King Is Born”. The Grade 3, the Talented Trees, reminded everyone the grand celebration in December as they danced to the tune of Christmas Medley. The Precious Gems of Grade 4 pointed everyone to the only WAY to heaven which is Jesus when they danced with glee and so much energy to the tune of “One Way”. The Planeteers, Grade 5, declared the greatness of God in their dynamic moves to the music of “God’s Great Dance” while the Grade Six, The Fruits of the Spirit, announced with agility and grace that the God St. Stephen’s High School serves is alive through their dance number to the tune of “Alive”.

At the end of the day, everyone went home with so wide smiles despite the tiresome day’s activities.

Sat, 05-Dec-2015