"Earthquake 101" for SSHS Students

St. Stephen’s High School, in preparation for a possible Earthquake, held a symposium entitled “Earthquake 101” by Mr. Miguel Cano, SSHS Science Curricular Consultant, last July 17, 2014 at Stephenian Hall for Elem. pupils (Gr. 3-6 students) and July 23, 2014 at The Auditorium for HS students.

The main objective of the symposium was to make our students be fully aware and knowledgeable about the Earthquake, its causes and effects. According to studies and research, a big one is just around the corner and might happen anytime soon.

Throughout the presentation, Mr. Cano makes use of different pictures, showing great effects of earthquakes to show its impact to an area even if it is not the epicenter. Aside from this, he briefly discussed about magnitude, intensity and the other earthquake– related terms. In addition, he shared some tips on what to do during and after the earthquake.

Finally, students actively participated in the Question and Answer portion at the end of the symposium that quenches their thirst for information on Earthquakes.

Mr. Cano ended his talk with the emphasis on the power of prayers. He stressed that even geologists like him could not predict when the “big one” will be coming, and that this is a great time to consider our relationship with God.

Wed, 23-Jul-2014