Demo Teaching and Seminar (Chinese Textbooks)

In order to improve the quality of teaching method of the teachers and increase the effectiveness of learning of the students in Chinese education, the OCAC (Oversea Chinese Affairs Commission) held a Seminar about their own published textbook, “The Philippine Edition Chinese Textbook – Revised” , in St. Stephen’s High School last July 29, 2015.

The speakers were Miss Li Bi Xia, professor / supervisor of the National Taiwan Normal University, and Miss Zeng Jin Jin, the consultant of the Taiwan Mandarin Daily News. The talk was promptly attended by 44 teachers from St. Stephen’s High School, St. Jude Catholic School and Philippine Cultural High School. Miss Zeng handled the Grades 4 to 6 group. She initiated the “Mixed Method”, and the effective use of the workbook. While Miss Li demonstrated the “Thematic Method”, and emphasized on the common practical topics, in order to make students’ learning more interesting and realistic to daily life.

The audience-teachers, on the other hand, eagerly participated in the discussion and activities during the seminar. We do believe that, through these kinds of seminars with professional teachers from Taiwan, our Chinese teachers will be more specialized, in order to improve the Chinese education of the young students of the next generation in the Philippines.

Wed, 29-Jul-2015