Curriculum Design Seminar - Workshop by Dr. Rapatan

SSHS teachers in curriculum design seminar-workshop

As an advocate of global educational system, SSHS ensures that teachers are well-equipped in designing the school’s unique and distinctive curriculum and deliver high quality of instruction to the learners. With high hopes and confidence on producing highly competitive and self-reliant graduates, the school administrators and educators are working together towards the realization of this goal.

To help realize the school’s goal of enriching the learners through highly proficient teachers, Curriculum Mapping seminar and training sponsored by Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. was held last May 3 & 4, 2016. Well-sought speaker and curriculum design expert from De La Salle University, Dr. Miguel-Mike Rapatan mentored SSHS educators in making the curriculum map, formulating K-12 assessments and the like.

With the third series of seminar-workshop conducted, the teachers are now enlightened and clear with how they are going to prepare their curriculum map, assessment, learning plan and the working plan. Consequently, SSHS teachers are confident to face this academic year’s challenges.

Fri, 13-May-2016