Cultivating Entrepreneurship at an Early Age

Every year, before the school closes for Christmas break, students’ skills on entrepreneurship are tapped and enhanced during the Annual Mini—Fair. Weeks before, the CSA openly invites all interested students to partake in this meaningful project vis a vis the mini –fair. That is – putting up booths for their concessionaires.

During the 2-day Mini-Fair on December 19 & 20, 2013 entitled: “Bright Lights”, students not only experienced the art of marketing, but also the importance of developing the confidence and pride with the products they are offering.

Moreover, students also developed their sense of creativity as they were challenged to be innovative with the booth designing and in coming up with unique names for their products.

Furthermore, with this project, students developed their entrepreneurship skills and learn the essence of creating small-time business plans, of critical and innovative thinking, of teamwork and creativity to achieve real—world goals at an early age.

The obstacles they face each year play a vital role to their success as young entrepreneurs. SSHS takes pride to be a part of this significant undertaking.

Thu, 19-Dec-2013