CSA Mini Fair 2015

Mini Fair 2015: A Rewind to the Past’s Worthy Cause

It’s the merry month of December once again, a month when people around the world are so busy for the Christmas season. This is also the month when the SSHS Committee for Students’ Activities (CSA) is busy preparing for the annual 2- day Mini—Fair.

The main purpose of this yearly activity is to help sustain the Student Scholarship Fund. Furthermore, it also provides a chance to share the creativeness of young students’ minds in coming up with booths with different varieties of goods to sell – that’s entrepreneurship learned while having fun.

This year’s annual Mini Fair with the theme: “Rewind: A Glimpse of the Past”, was held last December 18 to 19, 2015. Two carnival rides, the Octopus and Caterpillar, the inflatables and some carnival games were the usual main attractions. Aside from these, there was also a food booth from the English Faculty Club. Moreover, students created their own booths in a way that attracted more people to visit the fair.

This was indeed a joyful shared activity that brings bright light and hope for those financially - challenged schoolmates. It Is truly, a splendid experience of rewinding back to the past’s worthy cause.

Fri, 18-Dec-2015