Computer Training for Chinese Teachers

Computer Training for Chinese Teachers

There is a saying, “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching”. This was realized when 95 teachers from more than 10 different schools, attended the 6 - week Computer Training sponsored by St. Stephen‘s High School, Association of Filipino-Chinese Schools in the Philippines, and the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office.

Last August 15, 2015, all the 95 teacher participants attended the Closing Ceremony of this significant event. Dr. Judy Go Tan, SSHS’ Principal, said in her Opening remarks, that “an end is actually another beginning.” She then congratulated and thanked all the participants for taking out their precious time to advance their knowledge in computer skills. She hopes that after these seeds from the training were planted, teachers will be able to let them grow in their respective schools.

Followed by a speech from Mr. George Wu, Deputy Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Commission in the Philippines, who believes that nowadays, information technology is inseparable from our modern life. If everyone is enjoying life through the use of technology, our students should be enjoying in learning Chinese. Therefore, he encouraged all the participating teachers to use information technology in their teachings.

Moreover, Director Wu also announced that the future Chinese textbooks published by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission will utilize multimedia information materials, so that students will feel that learning Chinese is indeed very interesting. Before the certificates were awarded to 2 lecturers and participating teachers, some words of appreciation were delivered by a class representative.

The ceremony formally ended with Director Wu expressing his sincerest gratitude to all teachers who have shown support to this worthwhile activity and commended Dr. Tan for providing the venue for the training.

Sat, 15-Aug-2015