Chinese Character Poster Making Contest

Stephenians landed 3rd in the Chinese Character Poster Making Contest

Last July 11, 2015, the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, together with the Association of Filipino – Chinese Schools in the Philippines, sponsored a Chinese Character Poster Making Contest with the participation of more than 10 Filipino- Chinese Schools.

The objective of the contest was to promote the essence and beauty of Chinese characters. During the contest proper, participants were first given a Chinese article to comprehend and after discussion, they unleash their creativity with the poster they made. Three judges were invited to give critics and thorough judgement. St. Stephen’s High Schools’ representative, Kent Louie Wong, Bjorn Ulryk Co Yu, and Chester Aaron Sia garnered the third place.

The organizers and judges believe that in this advanced world of Science and Technology, learning the Chinese language is important as it embodies the meaning of harmony between people and will always be supportive for this kind of significant activities also in the future.

Mon, 03-Aug-2015