Arts and Crafts Bring Chinese Culture Closer

Do you want to have a better understanding of the Chinese culture? Either go to Taiwan or try to learn some Chinese Arts and Crafts.

In view of this, SSHS, in cooperation with the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, made it possible by inviting Ms. Su Chun Mei, an expert in Chinese Arts and Crafts from Taiwan, Republic of China. She provided a two- week session to teachers and students last August 4 to 15, 2014. Highlighting the activity was a colorful exhibit displaying all the different artworks.

This year’s Chinese Arts and Crafts which come in varied forms and colors were a combination of the traditional and the modernized arts. Interestingly, the teacher, with each twist and turn of the colorful threads, was able to transform works into pieces of art for practical use.

First, she shared simple Chinese knot-tying lessons and turned them into brooches, hair pins, key chains, necklaces, bracelets, tags, paper holders, and I.D. straps. Next, the paper-cutting with simple designs and intricate ones was transformed into decorative arts, lanterns, and objects for display and as souvenirs. Other crafts included: Origami card- making, etching, balls and windmills made of colorful plastic straps and many other creative artworks.

The provided sessions not only imparted skills but also enhanced the creativity of the participants, thus making this activity worthwhile and a source of catalysts of change, that is - the fusion of traditional works into elegant modern ornaments.

Fri, 15-Aug-2014