Annual Stargazing Activity

Marvelous Sky Watching />

Enriching the learning within the four corners of the classroom is aimed every year as the planning for the educational programs is being made by the school heads together with the frontline implementers.

In the various ventures of innovations, the Annual Stargazing Activity highlights the school year for the Grade Six pupils. For them Sky Watching is one of the most exciting, fun and highly significant learning experience; they have in their Elementary learning years.

For this school year, the stargazing activity was held on January 30, 2015. This date has left a remarkable memory in the life of the elementary graduating classes because this was the time when they experienced the greater time of bonding and learning among themselves. This was the precious time they spent together enriching themselves not only academically but also socially.

The activity was filled with so much fun and learning which started with the students creating a cheer for their respective classes , followed by games, videoke singing, then viewing the wonderful creation of God in the sky – the moon, the planets like Saturn, Jupiter, different constellations, star formations, etc. />

The Astronomer, Mr. James Ty, and the school’s Science Curricular Head, Mr. Miguel Cano, facilitated the sky watching with the help of the powerful telescope brought by Mr. Ty. In addition, Mr. Cano conducted a lecture on astronomy, which in one way or another, inspired some pupils to learn more about the universe and all of God’s marvelous creations therein.

All pupils enjoyed the activity though they were housed in different venues this year (classrooms on the 4th floor as their sleeping area and Preschool Audio-visual Room as the activity area while waiting for their turn to view the sky on the rooftop).

The excitement that the activity brings caused everyone to stay awake until early morning of Saturday.

Fri, 30-Jan-2015