Alumni Welcome Party for Batch 2015 "Ultima"

“Ultima” – the Newest Batch of Alumni welcomed by SSHSAA

One of the best gifts graduating students would ever receive is probably the gift of being welcomed as alumni.

A welcome party was hosted by the St. Stephen’s High School Alumni Association (SSHSAA) on March 16, 2015, to formally welcome this year’s graduating class of 2015, otherwise known as the “Ultima” to their family.

The program started with an opening invocation by our alumnae, Ms. Lim Beng Tiat, followed by a heartwarming address from the Alumni President, Mr. Mario Sy, who welcomed them with open arms. Our school Principal, Mrs. Judy Go Tan, also gave an inspiring message and challenged them to exert their best effort while in college and remember to show back their love and support to the alma mater in the future.

Mr. Mario Sy then led them in their Pledge of Loyalty as SSHS alumni while Mrs. Tita Rose Tan, Executive Vice President presided over the Induction of Officers. Ms. Ashley Cae Sy, the batch’s President, accepted the challenge and promised to bring glory back to the school.

The program formally ends with the awarding of certificates and presentations of gifts to the new batch of alumni.

To lighten up the mood, selected alumni rendered some special numbers: a declamation by Ms. Krizia Chiu; solo singing from Ms. Jayme Villacruz; a dance number from the Movement – formed by selected 4th year students, a group singing of the 4th year Stephenian Chorale members and finally some words of Appreciation from selected class representatives. To wrap up the special program was a video presentation made by the “Ultima”; the newest members of SSHSAA.

Mr. Solomon Chan led a closing prayer to formally end the SSHSAA Welcome Party. To God be all the Glory!

Mon, 16-Mar-2015