Alumni On Stage 2015

Proud Stephenians on Stage

July 16, 1990 has remarkably made a record in the Philippines’ history when a strong earthquake rocked some parts of the country. Same date this year 2015, some alumni rocked the school with their presentations during the Alumni on Stage at The Auditorium. Just the same, they made a record.

As the President of the St. Stephen’s High School Alumni Association, Mr. Mario Sy ’68, said during his Opening Remarks: “Once you graduated from the school, you are already considered an alumni, and we highly encourage you to participate in activities like this and if you have the chance, come back and serve the alma mater in the future“.

Three numbers were performed by some enthusiastic alumni. The first was a cheer dance, composed of 6 energetic alumni (Mei Ciara Claveria ’06, Jerica Lee ’05, Kylie Agero ’13, Gilian Chua ’15, Renee Wong ’15, Patricia Jose ’15) showcasing some powerful cheer dance routines. This number helped the audience reminisce back to the time when the school cheer dancers were as famous as the basketball players.

The second number, a Cup Dance popularized by Pitch Perfect, was brought by 4 alumni (Mary Ann Macavinta , Milagros Morales ’94, Lalaine Angela Chua. 06, Anne Louie Romo ’11) who are currently serving the alma mater. Their number simply made the audience go rock with the rhythm from the beating and tapping of cups.

The final number was a piano solo rendered by an alumnus (Almond Ponghe ’07) who recently graduated with Master’s Degree in Piano performance from USA. He was very much applauded for his number. This was followed by the singing of the “Stephenian Be the Light”, composed by ms. Selene Yu ‘77, who is also our alumna.

The program ended with generous donations to our Alma Mater from the following batches: Class 1965 - donated P500,000 while the Class 1990 - donated 800,000.

The Alumni on Stage is one significant event showing not only how brilliant and enthusiastic our alumni are, but likewise the importance of the school as their guide and lighthouse, while they journeyed to their destinations – the society. To school be all the honor, to God be all the glory!

Tue, 28-Jul-2015