97th Anniversary - New Facilities Unveiled

As the country’s educational system goes through revolutionary innovations and advancements making it globally competitive, St. Stephen’s High School, being an educational institution that envisions itself to be a vehicle for transporting its graduates to the realms and pinnacle of their dreamed future successes, also takes some bold and bigger steps toward the school’s significant improvements. Among the recent improvements that the school has are the renovations of the different facilities like Computer Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory and the Preschool Library. Added to these is the repainting of the High School Building (Exterior).

On July 21, 2014, as the school celebrated its 97th Founding Anniversary, the completed renovation projects were unveiled in honor of the generous alumni who with no reservations shared their resources and blessings to the school through the following projects:

1. Repainting of the High School Bldg. (Exterior) - Class ’81 and Class ‘87 2. Renovation of the High School Com. Lab. A - Mr. Eddie Chua and Mrs. Felisa Chua (Class ’55) 3. Renovation of the Preschool Library - Mr. Pablo Chan (Class ‘61/’62) and Mrs. Ma. Nenita Uy Chan (Class’65) 4. Renovation of the Chemistry Lab. - Board Member

There were also some alumni who paid tribute to their beloved Alma Mater by offering their expertise and services for further improvements of the school. The following alumni unselfishly rendered their valuable services:

1. Architect Nixon T. L. Lim of Class ’87 generously invested his time and expertise on architecture in the renovation of the Biology, Physics and General Science Laboratories. 2. Mrs. Didi Hua R. Ong of Class ’87 served as the interior decorator in the renovation of the Central Office. 3. Mrs. Joanna Chua Cham of Class ’87 & Mrs. Jocelyn Choa of Class ’88 did the interior design of the Preschool Library, making it very conducive for learning to the little kids in the Preschool Department.

Indeed, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the recognized head of St. Stephen’s High School, has tremendously blessed the school with alumni who have the heart to help and who are one with the school in the advocacy of providing excellent quality of education through functional and good facilities.

Mon, 21-Jul-2014