5 Awards for SSHS in a Chinese Lantern-Making Contest

Last September 15, 2013, St. Stephen’s High School made another milestone in one Inter-School Chinese Lantern-Making Contest, for being the only school that bagged a total of 5 awards (2 major and 3 special), out of the 9 entries. This project was co – sponsored by the Chinese Filipino Business Club and the Chinese Filipino Association of Chinese Schools in celebration of the Moon Cake Festival held at the Lucky Chinatown Mall.

This event was participated by 6 Chinese-Filipino schools. Each group was composed of 4 students with a teacher – adviser and was only given a limited time to make the lantern. St. Stephen’s High School was the only school to have competed with the allowable maximum of 3 entries and garnered the most awards. All three (3) lanterns were artistically crafted lanterns using recycled materials. With this event, some selected High School students made their school proud as their lanterns emerged as the 1st and 2nd runner-up winners and garnering 3 special awards namely: Best in Craftsmanship, Best and 2nd Best in Recycled materials used respectively.

The 1st group was headed by Johnamae Khow with her members: Justin Lim, Marvin Kenny Krupasa, Lee Jan Anicas and Janelle Bianca Yu (in lieu of Johnamae Khow during the contest); they made their lantern entitled “Chang Er” 嫦娥 with the use of mineral water bottles, plastic spoons, beaded dough and Styrofoam cups. Their lantern garnered the 1st runner- up award and a special award of 2nd “Best in recycled materials used”.

The 2nd group was spearheaded by Davin Fajardo and his members: Kweane Cielo Luna, Christopher Brian Lo Shawntae Lim Sanchez and Jeremiah Ong (in lieu of Kweane Luna during the contest). The group made their lantern in the form of a bowl and 6 dice that symbolized the traditional game widely played during the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival here in the Philippines. It was made of shredded papers, cartons, Styrofoam cups and of mineral water bottles and caps. Their lantern was awarded as the 2nd runner-up and the “Best in recycled materials used”.

The 3rd group was led by Dominique Joy Tan with her members Jeorgialyn Sy, Gabriel Lyndon Cua, and Renz Christian Ong Chua (in lieu of Jan Eldridge Gue) came up with a lantern showing a traditional Chinese family getting together under the bright moon light. The lantern was made of cartons, mineral bottles, plastic spoons and beaded dough. This lantern was awarded “Best in Craftsmanship” and was the 1st to be announced as winner during the awarding ceremony.

All three (3) lanterns were made possible with the support of the school, some school officials and their adviser, Dr. Ulysses Yu, Assistant Head of Office of Student Affairs. Truly, with God’s given talents, these selected students have once again brought honor not just to the school, but to the Head of the school, the Lord Jesus Christ. May all glory be unto Him.

Sun, 15-Sep-2013