Mission and Vision

Furthermore, the high school declares the following for itself:

  1. To develop in the students refinement in bearing, language and manner as befitting a young adolescent;
  2. To equip the students physically, mentally, emotionally and morally to meet the demands of a changing society;
  3. To provide the students with knowledge and appreciation of the political and cultural heritage of the Philippines and concern for the social, political and economic situation of the Philippines;
  4. To equip the students with the knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes necessary to succeed in college;
  5. To awaken in the students the importance of demonstrating respect for all persons and a strong sense of justice for their rights, whether individuals or groups and regardless of race, nation, creed or, social class.

Specific Objectives of the Elementary School:

  1. To instill in the minds of children love and service to God, people and country;
  2. To help children understand the concept of interrelationship between themselves and the environment in order to cope with the changing society and community within their capabilities;
  3. To help the children develop well-rounded personalities through character building and strengthening of their social consciousness, spiritual and moral values;
  4. To prepare the children academically for them to have reasonable proficiency in science, mathematics, and communication arts for the next grade level and finally to tackle the requirements of secondary education.

Specific Objectives of the Preschool Department:

  1. To impart knowledge and love of God;
  2. To develop desirable attitudes and pleasant personality;
  3. To enhance physical, emotional and mental health;
  4. To provide experiences that will help form good habits;
  5. To foster desirable relationships among small children;
  6. To build strong foundation for basic knowledge and skills;
  7. To provide activities that will help discover creative and artistic abilities of children.